About Nahant SWIM, INC.

Since 1984, Nahant SWIM, Inc. (Safer Waters in Massachusetts) has worked to protect the waters of the North Shore from pollution. Our goal is to protect both Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay.

SWIM has worked by participating in the planning and implementation process, by contributing scientific and technical expertise, through community organization, through citizen water quality monitoring, through working with other environmental groups, and through public education.


“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” - John Muir




Help SWIM Continue Its Mission!

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Dear Friends,
We invite you to become a member of SWIM and support our efforts to protect the beautiful beaches and clear waters which surround Nahant.  

2015 marks SWIM’s 31st  anniversary, a very long time for a small, local organization to be working with the community to protect and preserve our environment.  Thanks to the support of our donors and of our volunteers, SWIM continues to be a monitor and a first responder whenever situations arise that threaten our local environment. We work in partnership with other local organizations, with our elected officials, and in collaboration with scientists and staff at the Northeastern University Marine Science Center here in Nahant. Together, we generate and carry out effective efforts to protect the beautiful surroundings we call our home.  Communicating with the public and generating educational events and publications are important goals for SWIM.   

- SWIM celebrated the 5th anniversary of our successful Adopt a Beach program. Over 20 volunteers monitored and cleaned our beaches monthly. Much of the debris they collect washes or blows down directly from the land and through storm drains to our beaches.

- SWIM’s annual gift to each household this year enclosed in this letter is a colorful card about cleaning up after dogs so as to protect ourselves, our pets, our properties, streets, beaches and surrounding waters from pollution. We have already given 250 of these cards to our Town Clerk upon request to be handed to each person registering a dog.

- SWIM continues to grow as a community information resource via the 350+ contacts in our email distribution list who receive regular reports about what is going on in Nahant’s environment and who constantly contact SWIM with questions and requests for information and help concerning the environment.

- SWIM has become the leader of the annual Nahant Beaches Cleanup Day as of last April 11, based at the Nahant Life Saving Station, netting ten DPW truckloads of trash from our beaches. Hundreds of residents of all ages worked enthusiastically to free our beautiful beaches of their burdens of trash.

- SWIM urged the Town to adopt a program for the disposal of hypodermic needles. You can now stop by Town Hall for a special sharps disposal container.

- SWIM urged residents to attend an April Planning Board meeting and the April Town Meeting in support of Article 11 dealing with water runoff. This important article was passed.

- SWIM for a second year donated $1300 For a membership in the Greenscapes program to the Town of Nahant. One vivid component of this program was our second annual fifth grade classroom hands-on event on October 23rd at our own Johnson Elementary School entitled “Keeping Water Clean”. Northeastern University generously completed the cost by paying $500. This program focuses on debris, bacteria and poisonous materials which pollute our beaches. It helps Nahant meet public education and outreach requirements under the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Stormwater program required by the EPA as well as water conservation measures required under the Massachusetts Water Management Act. Every year, Nahant is required to complete a permit for its NPDES Phase II Small MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems) System. The materials and services provided by the Greenscapes program help satisfy requirements in this permit thereby helping the Town and its residents protect our island environment. Learn all about Nahant’s Greenscapes program by going to www.greenscapes.org

- SWIM was represented at several important meetings: Outfall Monitoring Science Advisory Panel (OMSAP) which monitors Boston’s treated sewage outfall – the largest on the East Coast producing 320 million gallons of treated wastewater per day; Public Interest Advisory Committee (PIAC) whose purpose is to advise the OMSAP, the EPA and MADEP (Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection) on public concerns related to the environmental monitoring associated with the MWRA (Massachusetts Water Resources Authority) outfall; Massachusetts Department of Environmental Watershed Planning Program in Peabody which addressed the understanding and implementing of the Pathogen Plan (TMD2) for the North Coastal Basin; Environmental Protection Agency’s 24th Annual Eelgrass Seminar in Boston. The seminar included discussions on the importance of eelgrass, ongoing research and evolving conservation and restoration strategies. Eelgrass meadows shelter baby lobsters, fish and other important marine life.

- SWIM created a recycling game for all age groups at the Northeastern University Marine Science Center Open House on Saturday, Oct 3rd. We learned that we all need to know more about recycling.

- SWIM was represented at an important meeting at Town Hall on October 6th about the future of recycling in Nahant. Changes will be coming in 2016.

Next Year
- Field Guide to Nahant’s Rocks: SWIM is in the process of creating a Field Guide to Nahant’s Rocks suitable for rock lovers of all ages to learn about our geological history and how to identify our rocks. Copies of this book will be offered to the public at cost and as gifts to our school.
- Street Map: SWIM will create and offer to all residents a free street map including the names of all coastal features.
- How trees protect Nahant’s environment: On April 28th SWIM’s annual Greenscapes public education event will take place at Town Hall in partnership with the Nahant Garden Club.
- SWIM will continue all of its programs and efforts as described above.

Dedicated and loyal volunteers staff all our programs and we need your help to continue these important initiatives. We are writing you today to ask you to please consider making a gift to support SWIM. Your contribution will help provide the resources we need to continue our efforts to inform and represent our community whenever situations arise that threaten our fragile, natural surroundings.

In advance, thank you for your generosity. 

Vi Patek, President, Nahant SWIM Inc.

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