Nahant Causeway Project Documents

DCR Project Public Hearing Presentation | June 2010

DCR Initial Plan Drawing | March 2009

DCR Public Meeting
| April 2008

Nahant Causeway Wind Turbine Project

Request for Response Issued for
Causeway Wind Turbine Project

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) has issued a Request for Response (RFR) for the proposed Nahant Causeway wind turbine project, with a closing date of 02/17/2010.

The RFR, DCR 422 is titled “ Environmental Attributes Associated With an On-site Renewable Energy System At the Nahant Reservation, Nahant, MA - # DCR 422.”

For this Request for Responses (RFR), DCR is interested in procuring the Environmental Attributes associated with an on-site renewable energy system (“System”) at the Facility. Responders are expected to provide their own designs for their proposed System appropriate for this Facility within the width and alignment of the median strip of the Nahant parkway and parkway specifications found in the Nahant Beach Reservation Rehabilitation Project (P93-1698-C1A) construction drawing for the plan and elevation view for the precast concrete guardwall/foundation for light poles.

A complete RFR is available on the Massachusetts Comm-pass system ( ). Go to “Browse Solicitations”, select for “Search for Solicitation” and in the “Document Number” field type in “DCR 422” and hit enter. Then click on the “Solicitation(s) found” link. On the solicitation found click the “eyeglass” under view and review and download files.

From the Description of the RFR:

The Department of Conservation and Recreation DCR of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in accordance with 801 CMR 21.00, requests responses from qualified entities Responders to provide Commodities and or Services at the following facility Nahant Reservation Nahant, MA Facility For this Request for Responses RFR, DCR is interested in procuring the Environmental Attributes associated with an on site renewable energy system System at the Facility. DCR will not own or otherwise be responsible for the System, unless it elects to exercise its option to purchase the System at the end of the Contract Term, in accordance with Attachment E. The permitting, design, equipment purchase, equipment installation, coordination with the over all Nahant Beach Reservation Rehabilitation Project P93-1698 as well as DCR Facility Operation and Engineer Staff, balance of systems, interconnection, startup, and commissioning shall be the responsibility of the Responder receiving the bid award. Services are also required for the preventive maintenance and operation of the System. Refer to Attachment A, for a description of the proposed site.

From the section of the RFR regarding permitting and avian risk assessment:
B. Permitting Limit: 4 pages

All applicable permits, licenses, MEPA Notice of Project Change, or any other type of
approval are the responsibility of the Proposer. Briefly discuss all applicable permits and
the responsible party of your team. Please detail all necessary permitting timelines in the
Schedule required by Section II.E., below. Please describe any risks your proposed
System may have on bird migration, and your proposal to mitigate those impacts.
Further, please propose a scope and implementation plan for an avian risk assessment
study that shall address, but is not limited to, the following: (a) available data on avian
species found in the vicinity of the Facility; (b) detailed avian surveys and report
preparation; (c) coordination with staff from DCR and the Natural Heritage and
Endangered Species Program of the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife;
and (d) preparation of draft and final reports documenting potential impacts and
mitigation, as appropriate, to be submitted to DCR for review and approval.

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