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SWIM Introduces "A Guide to Exploring the Rocks of Nahant"

By Vi Patek

A Guide to Exploring the Rocks of Nahant

Nahant has a fascinating geological history and rocks are everywhere you look. Several years ago, Vi Patek, Director of Nahant SWIM, Inc., noted that visitors to Nahant’s beaches were often fascinated by the variety and beauty of the rocks: children and adults alike enjoyed gazing at rocks, collecting rocks, climbing on the cliffs and swimming in rocky coves while on Nahant. Together with former SWIM board member Ellen Antrim, geologists Barry Sidwell and Malcolm Hill, graphic designer Amy Klee and photographers Maria Peterson and Christopher Marks, they created A Guide to Exploring The Rocks of Nahant and How to Become a Rock Detective, a geology guide to aid in rock identification and explain the geological history and formation of Nahant's rocks and their unique characteristics.

The book has been written to appeal to all ages, to be durable enough to survive a day at the beach and to serve as a great beginner’s guide to geology and rock identification. In creating this guide, the authors and Nahant SWIM, Inc. hope to spark interest in the geology, history and beauty that surround us, and encourage a desire to protect our beaches. SWIM will donate copies to the Nahant Library and the Johnson School. Individual copies may be obtained by contacting SWIM at or going to Nahant Public Library. A donation of $10 is suggested to cover SWIM's costs. An additional story about the book was published in the Lynn Item and can be read here.

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