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Birds eye view of Lodge park in Nahant

Mass. Audubon

Lodge Park Management Plan

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Newsletter Insert

Girl in backyard

Vi Patek

Backyard Environmental Tips

Eelgrass drawing

Phil Colarusso

What is Eelgrass

Brown Algae

Mass DCR

Brown Algae in Nahant

SWIM's Nalgene bottles

Vi Patek

Re-use, Recyle, Refill

No Discharge Zone map

No Discharge Zones

North America Pliocene map

Barry Sidwell

Nahant: A Geological History


Mass Audubon

Nahant Bird Areas

Tree planting

Vi Patek

Every Tree Makes a Difference

SWIM's Guide to Exploring the Rocks of Nahant

Vi Patek

SWIM's Guide to Nahant Rocks

Kid's Corner

Our Kid's Corner is all about having fun while learning about marine life and our environment. Please let us know if you have an ideas or suggestions for new features here at the SWIM Kid's Corner!

Right whale off Nahant by Susan Solomon
Underwater Diver by Phil Colarusso
Seal on Beach by Vi Patek